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On these pages is information regarding the different types of Canberra models that are available, plus images of some of the excellent models that have been built. In addition to plastic kits, there will be scratch-built models, such as the amazing project currently being undertaken by Mr Norbert Illig of Germany. If you have a model you would like displayed here, please send me an e-mail along with some photos of your project.

To my knowledge, there is only one plastic kit form model of Canberra, rocuded by Airfix (kit number 05201) at a scale of 1:600.

There is an excellent review of the kit by Robert MacDonald and Mike Cook available at the Debris Field website, which is in itself a great resource for modellers.

Airfix Kit 05201 - SS CANBERRA


As you will read in the review, the kit has a few flaws, and represents Canberra "as built", because the it is a re-release of the original kit produced by Airfix in the 1960's.

Despite this, once built and painted, these models take on a personality of there own as the model maker adds his own personal touches. Many model makers have updated their models to show the Canberra as she appeared at the end of her career, the most notable being the black funnel-tops and covering over the stadium well on the Observation Deck

Left:  From my collection, an unusual paper model kit of Canberra designed by Ken and Rex Carr and printed by W J Thurman. I have been unable to find out anything about either the designers or the printers, but would estimate that it originates from the late 1960's or early 1970's.

Of course, not all miniature Canberras have to be built by hand. Over the years, a number of die-cast models have also been available. Propbably the most notable of these are the 1:1200 scale Tri-ang Minic Ships of the 1960's, and the Mercator-based models produced by Skytrex.

I was quite surprised to learn recently that Tri-ang models are again being produced. The modern models are designed in a similar style to the originals and are die-cast in a similar MAZAC Zinc alloy metal to give the same weight and feel. The models are finished in similar paint schemes and are fitted with plastic accessories where appropriate.

More information can be found at their website, although I don't believe the Canberra model has been re-issued yet. Original 1960's versions are not uncommon on auction sites such as eBay. Often they can be found still boxed and in excellent condition.

Skytrex are producing Mercator 1:1250 scale models. In the past they made two different versions of Canberra, one in her normal cruise-liner configuration, the other as she appeared during with Falklands Campaign, complete with helecopter pads and military stores containers on the Sun Deck. The models were available un-mounted or on attractive wooden plinths.

Unfortunately, Skytrex are not currently producing the Canberra models. Perhaps if enough of us politely enquire they will resume.

Skytrex models

If you know of any kit, die-cast or other models of Canberra please let me know and I will add the information to this page.

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