Passengers Reunited (F-M)
Fellner, Leo
"Cruised on board Canberra every year between '92 and the farewell season in '97. I went to Southampton to see the last of the truly great ships come home for the last time. I'll never forget the vision of the morning mist gradually solidifying into that wonderful well-loved shape, as she emerged into the daylight at Mayflower Park. Home town Ayr, Scotland. Eileen and I would be delighted to hear from any of the friends we made on what became our floating home."

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Forte, Greg
"Sailed New York - Southampton 1973 (100 dollars) 7 days. It was unforgetable. Met Donna McNeily. Are you out there, would like to hear from you"

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Foster, Rosemarie
"Sailed from Auckland to Fremantle on Canberra during her first visit to Australia. Would like to re- establish contact with Tony Lautenbacher. Last known address Vancouver BC."

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Fox, Shirley (nee Baker)
"I attended college in Portsmouth and a number of students were invited to dine on the SS Canberra the Sunday before she sailed on her Maiden Voyage, so we were temporary 'passengers'. 

My friend, Ferdinand (the bull) was a crew member and sadly I lost touch with him.  He was a cook, I believe, and was Swiss nationality.  He sent me postcards from Naples, Aden, Honolulu, Colombo.  (my geography is nil, so apart rom those dated, I am not sure in which order). He also sent me a card on arrival in Australia, dated 23 June 1961.

I feel an affinity with the ship, because it was the most exciting thing that happened to me at the time (an interlude from education!!!)

If Ferdinand is still out there somewhere, tell him I am still the girl with 'the loveliest eyes on earth' although a little older and wiser."

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Freckelton, Tracey (nee (Kelly)
"Trying to locate anyone that was on the cruise around the 1984 time? I was with my girlfriend Georgette and we were talked into doing a fashion parade on pool deck!!! Would love to locate Lindy Godbee? Former Qantas flight attendant."

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Galvin, Doug
"Sailed as passenger from Aukland New Zealand to Vancouver British Columbia, via Tonga (I think) and Hawaii. Arrived Vancouver March 1966. I was a young boy and enjoyed the trip northbound as we had had a hard passage on the Chusan going south in late December and January from Vancouver to New Zeaaland.

I have a picture showing me at the wheel, a premonition as I went on to become a sailor and hold a Masters Certificate in Canada for nay size vessel inland waters and a Masters Home Trade 350 ton and a First Mates Ocean. Not sailing now but still like exploring my history. Great site and enjoyed

Captain Doug S Galvin"

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Giles, Rori
"Hi. I was on the Canberra's November 1971 voyage from Sydney to Southampton. I disembarked in Durban.

I had my 25th birthday during the voyage. The ship was full of Kiwis and Aussies going on their OEs and I was one of them. (I'm from Wellington, New Zealand). We had an absolute ball during the voyage and I recall winning (with a girl whose name I no longer remember)the mixed doubles table tennis tournament that they ran for us.

I also remember fondly the Alice Springs Bar and the last day that we Kiwis and Aussies had outside the bar in the brilliant weather and excitement as we approached the coast of Africa. We were told when we left Freemantle that we would dock in Durban at precisely 6PM on the arrival date and we did!! Is there anyone out there who was on the same voyage because I would like to hear from you.

New Zealand"

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Gordon, Philip
"Cruised on Canberra in 1985, 1997 and in numerous other years.  Does anyone remember me, I am fat, tall, loud and from Manchester !!"

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Gorna, Gay (nee Sherwin)
"Dark hair and eyes, I was a bit wild in the early days. Had stopped drinking by the '90s but still loved Neptunes!!"

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Griffiths, Michael
"I was a young passenger of 15years when I sailed on the Canberra. I think I was on the second cruise to New York in 1962, I think about the middle of August. I do remember we docked at Pier 90 and the weather was very hot. I also remember that a couple of passengers were mugged walking back to the ship. If there is anybody out there who was either a passenger or crew memeber on this cruise I would love to hear from you."

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Gunter, Rod
"My wife Ray and I were passengers Feb. March cruise 1985 I remember we berthed at Suva Fiji just after it had been hit by a cyclone and there was a lot of damage. I recall the ships personal dressed up and had a fun run through Suva to raise funds for the people of Fiji to help with the rebuilding after the cyclone. the cruise was great we will always have fond memories of this fantastic cruise."

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Hanham, Leanne
"I met a lovely waiter named Howard Diblee in 1987 who changed my life forever. Perhaps it was the environment, perhaps my very young age but I've never forgotten him."

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Hanson, Roy & Angela
"40 years ago next month we disembarked in Melbourne having sailed as assisted passengers on S.S Canberra  from Southampton on Januray 6th 1969. If there is any one out there who was on the ship on that voyage, it would be good to share memories.
Roy & Angela Hanson."

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Harrison, Neil
Neil would like to renew friendships from the early eighties, in particular with Simon Dyall (Chingford), Simon Robinson (Worcestershire), Darren Bone (Beckenham, Kent), Chloe Tyrer (Westhoughton), Alex and Kate Old (Northamptonshire).

Please note UPDATED e-mail address

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Hebblethwaite, Murray
"I was on board during Canberra's Round the World cruise in 1987, going completely around the world.  I also did short cruises in 1989, 1991, 1992 and then I took the New Oriana on her Maiden Cruise to Australia Christening her first Equator Crossing.  There are so many wonderful persons I recall, I especially recall Ian and Ruth Walker my favourite dance instructors and dance performers.  I presume they are still dancing their way around the world, they really enjoyed doing what they do best, dance.  I had joined the POSH club on several cruises, one day I anticipate cruising again, but I am busy with other activities these days."

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Heese, Bentley
"As a teenager, my family and I cruised twice on Canberra in the 70s. Once in the Caribbean and then in the Mediterranean the following summer. My parents Dave and Nancy Heese were true Anglophiles (we are American) and developed close relationships with Captains and later Commodores Snowden and Fred Wooly. We were always treated royally and the memories have me tearing up as I write this. This ship was my favorite and still holds a very fond place in my memories. We were on the ship cruising when NIXON resigned."

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Higgins, Christopher
"I was on the voyage that caught fire in the Mediterranean on 4 January 1963. I was eight years old, the oldest of four children, travelling with my mother to a new life (and my father)in New Zealand. Would like to hear from anybody who wishes to share memories. Does anybody know where to access passenger lists of that voyage?"

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Hitchens, Michelle

Would like to hear from people who sailed on the Canberra easpecially people of similar age.  I started sailing on the Canberra in 1980 when I was four years old, and did so every July till she sailed for the last time. 

My Dad has the video of when she was taken apart but was too upsetting to watch,and was very upsetting watching some of the clips on here.  Be good if Austin-Hogg, Gayle (nee Taylor) could get in touch as i must of met you. 

Have quite a few pics as well.  Have sailed on a few liners since but nothing will ever fill the place of the Canberra.  Only ship that gets close is the Victoria, does anyone know if its still around. 

Thanks Michelle"

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Hookings, Carl

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Hopper, John
"I was on the solar eclipse cruise which left New York on June 22, 1973.  I paid $500 for this 17-day cruise from NYC to Tenerife to the eclipse at sea to Dakar to NYC.  Judging from the deck plans, I must have been in F224 or F249, as I can no longer recall if the sea moved left-right or right-left outside my porthole, despite sticking my head out through the porthole just 5 or 10 feet above the water!

I was 15 years old and shared a room for 4 with 3 strangers: a kid from Ohio a year older than me, a professor (maybe from CCNY?) who seemed like a genuine lady-chasing playboy role model to a kid like me, and an older gentleman named Dana, who I think was from Virginia and a regular cruiser. 

In the room next to us were some Canadians with unbelievable equipment: they could even record VIDEO!  They also helped build the defibrillator for the seaman from another ship who was brought onboard after a heart attack.  We diverted to rendezvous with his ship, the American-flagged tanker Overseas Progress, on the night of July 5-6.  It later became a famous case in maritime law regarding reimbursement of rescue costs.

Our ports of call were Tenerife and Dakar.  I can't find the exact itinerary at the moment, but I think they were on June 28 and July 1, respectively, because the eclipse was on June 30.

I remember some of the people from my dining table: John Gilliland (a year younger than me?) of Odessa, TX who became a good friend for the duration of the cruise; John Harmer (50something?) of Philadelphia; Julie, (a year or two older than me, beautiful) daughter of a California brain surgeon?; a 20something guy from Long Island whose name I forget but we put him in charge of picking the best cheap wine;  and a guy Bob who acted in the passenger/crew play.

I had $100 of pocket money for 17 days, including shore excursions, a telegram home, and $15 each for tipping the waiter and cabin steward.  Well, I lost $10 at slots in two days of play before crew stopped me and another kid from playing, but made up for it when my $10 telegram was never sent because I hadn't filled in the county in the address of my parents...we really don't use counties to address things!  But it made up for the slot loss, when I then placed a collect phone call home instead.

The statistic I remember best from the ship tour is that at full speed it got 19 FEET per gallon!  That's a full home heating oil tank per mile.

I have many 35mm slides which I will have to find, scan, and send to this great website.  Everything from views of the ship from a tender shuttling us to/from the ship in Dakar, to telephoto views from high up in the hills of the Canary Islands looking back at the port, to all the special activities and the eclipse itself.  The 'tripod forest' of two acres of telescope mounts set up on deck for a whole day or two before the eclipse was a great sight too, and even more amazing on eclipse day with all the people and telescopes fully set up. 

Whoever said Canberra started doing themed cruises in the '80s is neglecting this very best theme cruise of all time in 1973, the second of its type after the Olympia (later Regal Empress) did the first modern, organized eclipse cruise in 1972.  The cast of lecturers and activities onboard the Canberra was unbelievable: Isaac Asimov, Neil Armstrong, Scott Carpenter, J. Allyn Hynek, Walter Sullivan, plus a full 'science at sea' program with many other scientists. 

Armstrong even hung out watching me play ping pong with his son, just the 3 of us there.  Despite my wanting to start a conversation about Apollo 11, and get a picture with him, and an autograph, I'm proud to say I didn't ask for any of that.  He was hassled for stuff like that from dawn to dusk and I was happy to just be there, with the most famous explorer of our era just chilling with his kid and me."

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Ives, Alan
"Sailed from Southampton to Nz in Jan-Feb 1971 a great ship and a great time."

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Johnston, Jim
"Sailed on Canberra in September 1973 from New York to Cherbourg and then Southampton with a buddy named Mark Mulligan. Canberra was heading home for a much needed refit after cruising in the Carribean. She was all one class so we dined and drank in the 1st class. One way Atlantic fare was $120 US. Imagine! The first three days were an amazing non-stop blur between the Stadium, the dining room (Pacific?) and the night club. Sigh! Jim."

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Jolley, Elizabeth (nee Midgley)
Sailed on the maiden voyage from Auckland New Zealand July 1961 for Los Angeles. She would like to cantact Joan Joynt who shared a cabin with her. She was from auckland and was heading to Mexico for a holiday. Elizabeth's maiden name was Midgley and she was known as Betty.

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Lazich, Andrew
"Sailed on the world cruise  from Southampton to Sydney in 1989. Was the best 7 weeks ever meeting truck loads of fantastic people, many of them who worked onboard. Any people that remember me please drop me a line. I still live in Sydney married with 5 kids..."

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Lambert, Gordon & Lillian
Was a passenger on the 3rd Voyage of Canberra with my pregnant wife Lillian and 5yr old son David. Arrived in Fremantle on the 22nd January 1962. Wishing to hear from anyone who remembers us on that voyage.

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Leary, Derek & Christie
"Cruised on Canberra 4 times 1993. 1995, 1996 and 1997. She is sadly missed by us both and was simply the best."

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Leonard, Gayani (nee Kirinde)
"My mother (Devi Kirinde) and I (age 5) sailed from England to Colombo in 1966, I would love to hear from anyone who might remember us/that voyage/Colombo etc."

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Lewis, Stephen
"Migrated on the ss Canberra, leaving the UK in January 1970, arriving Sydney February 1970. Would like to hear from a fellow migrant Colin McColl, keen pilot."

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MacKelvie, Anne (nee Maryon)
"Came to Australia in 1965 - I turned 3 on the ship."

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Makhoul, Michael
"I have sailed around the world with P&O Canberra since 1962. It was a great adventure with this Luxury Big white whale. May God bless the Captain and all the crew members that did their best to make those nice and wonderful cruises a fantasy to all of us. I am sorry to hear that Canberra is now a world museum. We all had a wonderful time on Canberra. We thank all P&O offices and staff that make and are making these lovely ships a very nice place to travel and enjoy life.
God bless you all"

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Malthus, David
"Emigrated from New Zealand to Canada in July 1969. Came with my mum, dad, 3 brothers and two sisters. "

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Matthews, Steve
"As webmaster of this site, I thought it was about time I put my name on here. There are so many people that I remember but whose names I forget. If Nick Crook is out there I'd love to hear from you. Last I heard you were at the Foreign Office. Alex Holdsworth is another that springs to mind. So many memories...."

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McBride, Kelly
"I sailed on the final voyage in 1997, I was onboard from Sydney to Canada.

There weren't many of us 20 somethings on board but I remember hanging out with John Archer, Karen, another John and a crew member we just called Wavey Dave.

I was in touch with John Archer for sometime, but lost his address and he changed emails.

Would be great to catch up with any of these guys."

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McFadden, Donna (nee Terebetsky)
"I was on the Canberra when it sailed out of NYC and got stuck in the Virgin Islands and needed to be towed out by two tugboats.  My father has pictures of it stuck!  I was only 8 when I sailed with my family and 5 other families.  We had a blast and it is still one of the highlights of my childhood vacation memories. 

I have several pictures of myself and my brother wearing Canberra sailor hats.  I remember our waiter, Ramos, very well.  He was so nice and I cried when we had to say goodbye to him.  He was from the West Indies? Would love to know what happened to him...I even have pictures of him!

I enjoyed checking out your sight and will become a fan on facebook for sure!"

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McFarlane, Jim
"I sailed on the SS Canberra in 1968 from Southampton to Sydney as a ten pound migrant.  I met a lad named Lee from Tasmania onboard and would like to make contact. 

Also Dave from Edinburgh.  Jim ."

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Melville, Sarah
"My sisters and I joined our parents on a cruise from Sydney - Auckland - Pacific islands ... February 1984.

I seem to call some issue with the ships steering that prevented us from going to Vanuatu, as originally planned"

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Metcalfe, Don
"I sailed on the summer 1963/64 trip to England, embarking at Melbourne, Australia, and disembarking at Naples. If this site is still active, I would like to contribute more information, as it was a highlight of my life. I was 22 years old and I still retain photographs and P & O documents."

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Millar, Duncan
"I have many great memories of sailing on Canberra several times as a child the last being her post Falkands service cruise in 1984/5 after her refit.

A great ship fondly remembered, sadly missed."

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Miller, Lucy
"In 1964 we emigrated to Australia. My father didn't like it out there and after approx. 6 months he managed to get our passports back from the Aust. Govt. and save enough for our passage back to the UK. One leg of this 'emigration' was on the Canberra - frustratingly my parents can't remember which. I was 8 at the time and paid no attention to the ship's name.

I know we were on the way to Oz on 19th Feb (because my sister was given a koala bought on board as a birthday present that day). There was an outbreak of mumps on that outward voyage - and parents were disgruntled by sick-bay staff not speaking English. They set up a rota to read the children stories. I didn't get mumps and remember sitting at the door to listen too. The ship called at Port Said and Aden.

I know that on the way back we sat in a bar with a jungle theme while waiting to leave Sydney, and called at Columbo and close enough to Pompeii for passengers to visit there. Also on that leg we diverted to a small island where a volcano was errupting to see if help was needed. It wasn't as other ships were already there. We were back in the UK in late August/early Sept I think.

If anyone can identify which journey was the Canberra, it would be brilliant.

Lucy "

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Mitchell, Sandra (nee McDonald)
"Departed UK November 1963, Arrived Melbourne December 1963. Travelled by bus to Adelaide, lodged at Glenelg Hostel. Anyone on same journey???

Interested in contact."

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Morris, Trudy (nee Grey)
"I sailed on the Canberra in August 1975 the year I was 21, with my family and family friends. A holiday in a million. So many wonderful memories are they tinted with rose coloured glasses."

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Morrison, Paul
"My first introduction to cruising on the 'Great White Whale' - fond memories of the eight cruises I did on her and sad memories of my last sighting of her on the QE2 berth a day or two before she sailed for Pakistan."

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Mullery, Neal
"Hi everyone."

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